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For feeders (nymphs), we sell by weight since this is what matters to your animal.  It is how much roach meat your animal is getting, not how many roaches it is getting.  Selling by count means that the weight (or roach meat) will vary considerably.  A 100 count could feed your animal for 3 days or a week depending on the size of the roaches in the count.   We do provide an average count.  The average count comes from taking an average of 100 bugs for each group.  You could get more or less on an individual purchase.  Over time, you should get close to the average count.

Adults are usually purchased for breeding and therefore sold by count.

The weight provided is the packaged weight of bugs.  Due to water loss and potty breaks over the approximate 2-3 days of shipping time, the roaches will weigh a bit less than when we packed them.  We do include food and water for their trip.  Please feed and hydrate them before you weigh them.  This is especially important for large quantity orders.  We provide an over weight at packing time to account for losses due to shipping stress. 

Inventory status (10/2/14): 

We have full inventory but do restrict what we sell.  If you don't see what you want, send us an email at sales@dubideli.com.  I'm sure we can accommodate you.

1/2"  500 count $30.00 shipped
1/2"  1000 count $55.00 shipped
1/2"  2000 count $105.00 shipped
7/8" 500 $55.00 shipped
1" 100 $30 shipped
1" 200 $35 shipped
1" 300 $40 shipped
1.25" 100 $35 shipped
1.25" 200 $40 shipped
1.25" 300 $45 shipped
Large mix (1" & 1.25" equal shares) 100 $33 shipped
Large mix (1" & 1.25" equal shares) 200 $38 shipped
Large mix (1" & 1.25" equal shares) 300 $43 shipped


Important Note:  Insulated shipping is required if your temperature is below 40F or above 93F.   Guarantee live arrival is void if you do not purchase this option and your temperature is outside this range.  We go by the temperature reported on www.weather.com.   We will automatically place a hold on your package to prevent delivery.  We have found that most DOA happen from PO in route to you.   It is also highly recommend that you call your PO and have it held.  the PO doesn't always honor the hold.  Two of our customers were told by the PO that they would not hold the package.  They must and let them know that if they refuse. Mention the Department of Consumer Affairs.  If they still refuse, please get the person's name and contact us immediately.  We will make sure your package is held. 


sort size  1/4:  XXS,  
sort size 3/8:  XS, 
sort size 1/2:  S
sort size 5/8:  SM
sort size 3/4:  M
sort size 7/8:  ML
sort size 1":  L
sort size 1.25":  XL
sort size 1.25-1.50":  XXL


We have 3 mixes to choose from:

SMIX:  Contains uniform mix of XXS, XS, S by count sold by weight.

Small Mix

MMIX:  Contains uniform mix of SM, M, ML by count sold by weight.

Medium Mix

LMIX:  Not available

We have three options to choose from:

Starter Colony #1

4 egg flats
1/2 lbs roach chow
1 oz water crystals
2 Adult Female
2 Adult Males
1.25-1.5" (XXL) 50g (average count 40)
3/4" (M)  15g (average count 44)
3/8" (XS) 4g (average count 57)

$50.00 shipped

Starter Colony #2

8 egg flats
1 lbs roach chow
2 oz water crystals
5 Adult Female
5 Adult Males
1.25-1.5" (XXL) 75g (average count 60)
3/4" (M)  25g (average count 74)
3/8" (XS) 8g (average count 114)

$60.0 shipped

Starter Colony #3

16 egg flats
2 lbs roach chow
4 oz water crystals
10 Adult Female
10 Adult Males
1.25-1.5" (XXL) 180g (average count 92)
3/4" (M)  50g (average count 147)
3/8" (XS) 8g (average count 214)

$100.00 shipped

Egg Flats with dubi nymph purchase

Egg Flats

                Currently no Specials

Products Coming Soon:

- Egg Crates (for housing)
- Dubi Doo (Fertilizer)
- Dubi DB (Fertilizer)

We ship Monday-Thursday.  Your order will usually ship within 1-2 business days.  Shipping is by priority mail with guaranteed live arrival.  By purchasing from our website, you are automatically agreeing to our terms of service.  If your package arrives DOA, you must contact us within 3 hours with photos of packing and bugs.   There are no cash refunds only replacement .  Subsequent replacement will be on case by case basis.  Delivery time is not guaranteed by USPS but is generally 2-3 days. 

If you don't see what you are looking for,
Please Contact Us here or send us an email at sales@dubideli.com.

Can be fed to a Bearded Dragon right out of the shell. 

Nymph Sort Group: 3/8"

Nymph Sort Group: 5/8"

Nymph Sort Group: 7/8"

Not available

Nymph Sort Group: 1.25"

1 oz of water crystals makes 1 gallon of gel water.

This item can only be added with a nymph or food purchase.
Water Crystals

Adult Males
Most all eaters can start with 3/8".  This size is for really small eaters.

Nymph Sort Group: 1/4"

Nymph Sort Group: 1/2"
Good size for an adult Leopard Gecko

Nymph Sort Group: 3/4"

Nymph Sort Group: 1"

Not available

Nymph Sort Group: 1.25-1.50"

Our breeder proven roach chow. Add a little water to make into a paste or serve as is.
Roach Chow
 This item can only be purchased with a nymph or starter colony kit order

Adult Males
This item can only be purchased with a nymph or starter colony kit order

Adult Females